Pastel de Nata since the 1800s

In 1837, the monks of Jeronimos in Lisboa, Portugal created the Pastel de Nata.

While it quickly became a global symbol of Portuguese gastronomy and culture, the recipe itself remained behind the monastery walls for many years.

When Gus Ferreira, the man responsible for what’s in this box, decided at age 14 to become a pastry chef, he had no idea the Pastel de Nata would take him across the world.

In 1985, Gus, his wife Lucia and their young family left their Portuguese village for our Australian shores, bringing with them Gus’ hand-written pastry recipes.

In 1994, they opened their first Portuguese cake shop in Curlewis Street, Bondi Beach and within six years were making and selling 3,000 Natas every day, each one still hand-made to Gus’ secret recipe.

In 2016, Gus’ son Diogo continued his father’s legacy: the Natas you hold here today are still hand-made, still true to Gus’ village recipe and still delicious.

Bom Apetite!